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Our Caring Formula

  • Caring

    Focusing on mainly plant-based and natural ingredients, we believe every skin has the potential to discover its beauty. Our ingredients are suitable especially for sensitive and acne skin, treating these skin troubles with long term results effectively.
  • Caring

    Our Caring Experience includes following up with your skin’s progress after treatments with photo documentation, advising suitable skincare ingredients your skin needs based on your current homecare regime and a whatsapp text away for any immediate skincare assistance.
  • Caring

    Every skin is different and based on your skin’s condition and targeted skincare goals, we will customize a tailored skincare program that works for your skin, working together with you to achieve the skin you desire.

Our Treatments

Caring Skin offers different types of services to bring new lease of life for your skin and body.
Making you look good is what Caring Skin is all about.


Sensitive Skin

Oxy-Vital Facial Treatment A regenerating treatment enriched with aloe vera to relieve traumatized skin… NutriCel Skin Supplement Reinforce your skin’s restorative power with Nutricel Skin Supplement… Rosa C3 (Best Desensitizing Facial) This treatment has water-binding ability to prevent future damage from moisture-loss… SensiVital A treatment that is issued from our immune-cosmetic research, SensiVital Facial Treatment… SensiVital Plus This treatment not only provides a soothing and desensitizing action…

Acne Skin

Acne Clear Up (Best Spot Control Facial) Acne Clear Up Management Professional Treatment stands out for its exclusive active ingredients… AntiPollution The AntiPollution Treatment is concentrated in detoxifying and toning active… Skin Equilibre Suits any skin type, whatever your age. It all begins with gentle cleansing… Plantomer Soothing This highly effective, soothing treatment calms redness and alleviates irritated or sensitive skin…. Nano Perfector – Acne Series With the molecular nanotechnology, this rejuvenating treatment triggers biological response…

Uneven Skin Tone / Pigmentation

Anti-Oxidant Effi Tea Boost up skin’s fighting power against free-radicals with Anti-Oxidant Effi Tea… Beauty Flash This treatment is concentrated in detoxifying and toning active ingredients… Caviar Luminous The encapsulated caviar extract is a special high-tech way to… MatriCol Refiner (Best Collagen Facial) The MatriCol treatment targets renewing your skin with a specific duo of active ingredient… Nano Perfector (Best Baby Smooth Skin Facial) A first choice treatment that improves the appearance of all imperfections…


Collagen Veil A “coup d’éclat” treatment leaves skin supple, soft and younger-looking… SMTS Hydrator Experience similar benefits of micro-needling with actual risk!… CO2 Revival CO2 Revival dilates vessels and increases blood flow. With increased oxygen… Hydrating Soothing A concentrate of anti-aging and youth enhancing active ingredients… Absolute Hydration The Absolute Hydrating Treatment immerses your skin in an aqueous environment…


PhytoLife PhytoLife is a gentler and faster way to reverse the evidence of time’s passage and.. Grand Premiology 360 (Best Age Defying Facial) A ground-breaking rejuvenating technology and rare sensoriality for a 360-degree approach… Myoxy-Caviar This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract… Youth Enhancing A concentrate of anti-aging and youth enhancing active ingredients…


Luxury Eye Whether you are going for a date, meeting long-time friends, getting ready for your big day… Phyt’Sublim Eye  This 100% botanical treatment is composed if a series of rhythmic draining …. Pro Cell Collagen Eye Besides its Regeneration and Repair efficacy, Procell is an Anti-Aging treatment… De-Stress Eye A Cryo-Collagen Treatment with 100% pure freeze-dried collagen to repair… Beautifying Eye A professional treatment built by Laboratories Dr Renaud, consist of three phases…


Nano Neck Using the latest innovation in molecular technology, this treatment treats skin laxity and… Collagen Neck Using the finest collagen in the aesthetic field, this treatment focuses in boosting the skin’s vitality… Refinier Neck A dynamic skin treatment devise using the combination of microdermabrasion…

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