Common FAQs for Milia

At Caring Skin, one in five customers come to us with skin woes like Milia. Milia usually appears out of nowhere, despite being harmless, they can be a cosmetic sore eye when it looks like a white bump and your makeup just don’t fully conceal it. Many people would naturally attempt to give it a […]

Can skin actually “breathe”?

We have seen many celebrities and bloggers claiming to have little to no makeup so it can help their skin to breathe; hence, improve skin health. But is there any actual benefit to it? Let’s find out. There’s no denying that the pleasure of going bare-faced on a free day is awesome! “There are certain […]

Say NO to Sheen

A healthy glowing skin is what many desire but a glow that simply translates into oily skin can be distasteful. Read on to discover how to prevent your skin from getting oily by midday. Understanding Oily Skin If you have been struggling with super oily skin, you may find it difficult to believe that a […]

What’s Before/After Masking?

Knocking out multiple skin issues at once seems like a dream come true with facial masks. To some, it’s the ultimate pampering and go-to when you want to achieve instantaneous results. That’s why you can be sure to find this skincare staple in everyone’s home. Due to the miraculous results of facial masks, the temptation […]

What happens to your skin when you work out

In recent years, we have seen many yoga and fitness centres spring into the scene. Dozens of marathons and running events too. This prompts the question: does all of the running and exercising have an impact on the look and feel of our skin? To put it simply, yes. Thumbs up to you if you’ve […]

Planning a Skincare Regime for HIM

Most people prefer easy solutions to fit their way of life and not the other way around. Take for example, Dads. It is not often you see him caring for his skin besides shaving. Having said that-let’s not be quick to assume that a man’s skin requires less attention because of his laid back attitude […]

Tell-tale signs of dehydration in different skin types

At first glance, ’dry’ and ‘dehydrated’ seem like two words describing the same thing. But this is not the case for skincare, as they are two different concerns with different underlying issues. Dry skin is a skin type, whereas dehydrated skin is a condition that can happen to anyone. The difference is that dry skin […]

2018: Skincare Myths Revealed

At Caring skin, our skin advisers and estheticians alike have come across a myriad of claims with the promise to give you better skin. Most of the time, these claims are correct to a certain degree, but not entirely the accurate. We’ve had done a round-up of common beauty myths seen here. Unsurprisingly, the list […]

Keeping a Skin Diary

Keeping a skin diary may sound odd to most but it turns out to be the most effective way to gain insight on exactly what is happening to your skin and why. Keeping a record of how certain things affect you and your skin can be pretty useful since it allows you to see what […]


Breathe! We hear this so often than not but have you ever stopped and wonder why is that? Well, besides the fact that breathing is what you do to stay alive, it also benefits you in ways you would never have guessed. Continue reading to discover how the incorporation of breathing as part of your […]