April 2018

Five Tips To a Healthier You

Keeping up with an extensive list of New Year’s resolutions, aiming to get back on track, or putting off healthy living habits altogether. Regardless, you need not have to put your plans on hold after the New Year to start planning for a healthy lifestyle. If you feel a need to improve your lifestyle for […]

4 Ways to Deal With Skincare Products That Doesn’t Work For You

Have you ever gotten skincare products only to find out they’re not working so well for you? Or have you ever gotten skincare products as gifts but you’re very happy with your current skincare routine and don’t want to change your routine any time soon? Here are 4 ways you can deal with those skincare […]

5 Dry Skin Myths Revealed!

Think you know some facts about dry skin? Here are some 5 myths about dry skin: Dry skin is only a winter thing False. Even air conditioning in Summer can cause dry skin. Also, did you know that sun exposure and the salt water and chlorine from swimming in the sea or in a pool […]

4 Simple Ways To Go Green In The Bathroom

Earth Day is almost here. Are you Going Green for Earth Day too? Why stop at just switching off the lights for a night? Here are 4 extra ways to support the Go Green notion even after Earth Day, all done right in your bathroom. The bigger, the better Did you know, bigger packaging often […]