July 2018

Common FAQs for Milia

At Caring Skin, one in five customers come to us with skin woes like Milia. Milia usually appears out of nowhere, despite being harmless, they can be a cosmetic sore eye when it looks like a white bump and your makeup just don’t fully conceal it. Many people would naturally attempt to give it a […]

Can skin actually “breathe”?

We have seen many celebrities and bloggers claiming to have little to no makeup so it can help their skin to breathe; hence, improve skin health. But is there any actual benefit to it? Let’s find out. There’s no denying that the pleasure of going bare-faced on a free day is awesome! “There are certain […]

What’s Before/After Masking?

Knocking out multiple skin issues at once seems like a dream come true with facial masks. To some, it’s the ultimate pampering and go-to when you want to achieve instantaneous results. That’s why you can be sure to find this skincare staple in everyone’s home. Due to the miraculous results of facial masks, the temptation […]