May 2018

Keeping a Skin Diary

Keeping a skin diary may sound odd to most but it turns out to be the most effective way to gain insight on exactly what is happening to your skin and why. Keeping a record of how certain things affect you and your skin can be pretty useful since it allows you to see what […]


Breathe! We hear this so often than not but have you ever stopped and wonder why is that? Well, besides the fact that breathing is what you do to stay alive, it also benefits you in ways you would never have guessed. Continue reading to discover how the incorporation of breathing as part of your […]

Why you should lie in this weekend?

They say the early bird catches the worm. But what if sleeping in is actually good for you? Notice how your skin condition worsens when you don’t get enough sleep? So to cope with insufficient sleep, many of us take naps or sleep in during the weekends or whenever we don’t have to work.   […]