Why you should lie in this weekend?

They say the early bird catches the worm. But what if sleeping in is actually good for you? Notice how your skin condition worsens when you don’t get enough sleep? So to cope with insufficient sleep, many of us take naps or sleep in during the weekends or whenever we don’t have to work.   […]

Five Tips To a Healthier You

Keeping up with an extensive list of New Year’s resolutions, aiming to get back on track, or putting off healthy living habits altogether. Regardless, you need not have to put your plans on hold after the New Year to start planning for a healthy lifestyle. If you feel a need to improve your lifestyle for […]

4 Ways to Deal With Skincare Products That Doesn’t Work For You

Have you ever gotten skincare products only to find out they’re not working so well for you? Or have you ever gotten skincare products as gifts but you’re very happy with your current skincare routine and don’t want to change your routine any time soon? Here are 4 ways you can deal with those skincare […]

5 Dry Skin Myths Revealed!

Think you know some facts about dry skin? Here are some 5 myths about dry skin: Dry skin is only a winter thing False. Even air conditioning in Summer can cause dry skin. Also, did you know that sun exposure and the salt water and chlorine from swimming in the sea or in a pool […]

4 Simple Ways To Go Green In The Bathroom

Earth Day is almost here. Are you Going Green for Earth Day too? Why stop at just switching off the lights for a night? Here are 4 extra ways to support the Go Green notion even after Earth Day, all done right in your bathroom. The bigger, the better Did you know, bigger packaging often […]

3 Things you must not do when you’re Acne Prone

If your skin breaks out often, surely you have tried out various acne products to improve your condition. Perhaps you’ve managed to find one that is effective for your skin type and condition, or perhaps you’re still looking for one and might even have been committing all these too-common-skin mistakes that you’re unaware of. Below […]

Facial you can fit into Your Lunch Hour

For people who are time-starved during the work days due to the huge amount of workload BUT still wants to be pampered by a relaxing facial. We’ve rounded up four of Caring Skin’s facials treatment speedy enough to fit into your lunch break. Beauty Flash (45mins) – Since it takes 45 mins, the treatment is […]

Take the Pinch Test

Take the pinch test. When the skin is free of makeup, take your thumb and your forefinger and gently pinch your cheek (near cheekbone area). Gently (not to the point where you feel pain) pinch the skin quickly five times. If no pinkness shows up, your skin is more than likely under-circulated. If your skin is a […]

What Does a Facial Massage Do for Your Skin?

Most facials include some form of facial massage, often extending to your neck and shoulders, your head, and your arms and hands. Massages is crucial and can’t be skimped on because your facial muscles work just as hard as the rest of the muscles in your body so it can benefit from a rubdown. “The […]

Blackheads 101

We’ll admit we (women) spend a good deal of time in our bathroom to examine our skin. Using the “magnification” side of the mirror, pulling our faces while examining our face. Often, with the intention to pick on the pimple and or banish the blackheads, if not examining our skin for the heck of it, […]