Are you drinking detox water (fruits infused water)?

As our society becomes more health conscious, we should also be more careful with what we put into our bodies. One of the more popular trends is the consumption of detox water. However, is it really healthier than regular water? Let’s find out. According to Dr. Arturo Olivera, a gastroenterologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical […]

What one session of facial cannot do?

Many people look to facials to address a range of skincare concerns, from acne to wrinkles. A skilled esthetician, using superior techniques and products, can help you address most of these issues to some extent, but facials are not miracles, and they absolutely do not replace what you use at home on a daily basis. […]

Is water safe for my skin?

Seeing everyone uses water during their daily skincare regime, we thought it would be interesting to find out if water can be bad for our skin since everything has the potential to become an irritant, right? Given the natural variations of water from different areas or regions, the water we frequently use can generally be […]

Why do I blush so much?

  Everyone blushes from time to time and embarrassing as it is, there’s absolutely no way to suppress it. Sometimes it flares up at the most unexpected times, like giving a presentation or being in a social meeting and you know that once it starts, there is nothing you can do when it starts from […]

Treating sensitive skin conditions deriving from skin color

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you know people who have sensitive skin? Did you know the nature of skin sensitivity can vary among different ethnicities and/or skin types? Sensitive skin deriving from ethnic origin: Asian skin tends to react to spicy food whereas Caucasian skin react more to weather or environmental changes with more […]

5 Skin habits to adopt before the BIG 3-0

Don’t pick your skin- In your 20s, our skin is susceptible to stress-induced breakouts, hormone changes and a myriad of other stressors to take on with our skin. This is why people tend to take matters into their own hands. While at it, you may be tempted to pop a pimple before bed, pick closed […]

How to read skincare labels like a PRO and ingredients to avoid

Skincare products are becoming more complicated every day. New and advanced ingredients are becoming easily accessible with higher efficacy and so are their side effects. It is critical for consumers to be able to discern the good from the bad when the ingredients listed on the box read more like a biochemical engineering dissertation. Potential […]

First Time Getting a Facial? Here’s what you need to know

As the new year approaches, you may start to consider getting a facial to get your skin holiday-ready. Before you book an appointment with a skincare esthetician, prepare a list: What is your current skin care routine like? What kind of skincare products are you currently using? Do you have any skin allergies? How familiar […]

4 Things to Consider before storing skincare in the fridge

#1 Water-based Products If you are unsure what your skincare contains, then it is best not to store it in the fridge – unless directed by the product usage. According to the lecturers of Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science at the School of Chemical and Life Sciences in Singapore Polytechnic, most water-based skincare can […]

4 Common Beauty Myths, Debunked!

Most of us are skeptical when it comes to beauty tips. Did you know some of these beauty tips are actually false/not true? Read on to find out the top four common beauty myths, debunked! Myth #1: Switching your skincare products every few months Skin products will not be ineffective just because of consistent usage. The […]