Are there a one size fit all facial treatment?

It is important to understand every individual has different skin concerns and needs, and what works for one skin type isn’t necessarily suitable for others. When it comes to understanding the skin, expertise and experience is crucial in identifying the right treatment. That’s why Caring Skin provides the best response to all your skin concerns. […]

The truth about applying SUNSCREEN

When living in Singapore, there’s no good excuse not to wear sunscreen every day. Yes, even when it’s cloudy, you have dark complexion and if you are going to stay indoors. Still people keep looking for excuses not to apply them. Most of us already know the basic sunscreen tips (E.g. re-applying sunscreen every 40 […]

Tricks to re-affirm drooping cheeks

As we age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity. Here are tips to have a natural face lift without experiencing any painful needles and surgery. Facial exercises Massage the face with natural oil such as Argan oil, Tea tree and many others to help improve blood circulation. Sufficient rest Avoid work when is time to […]

Did you know about Microbeads as an Environmental Pollutant?

Little is known about the products that we routinely use on our face and bodies every day. Usually if a product is sold islandwide. there’s a basic trust that it is safety-friendly but not many will question if it is environmentally-friendly or “health-friendly”. With that said, you may have unknowingly used product containing polluting plastics […]

5 Habits That Boost Clear Skin Overnight

Regardless of the possibility that you’re eating right, getting sufficient rest and a touch of physical activity, those breakouts, enlarge pores, blackheads etc can be super annoying. Nothing is more disappointing than having a major occasion like a wedding or prospective employee meet-up and dealing with terrible skin. In the event that you are in […]

3 Caring Tips to Celebrate the Singaporean Woman in You

  Being a woman these days is tough. Assuming many roles and responsibilities in our daily lives has shaped us into a capable multi-tasker and perhaps, sometimes a too good one at that till we forgot the most important person we have to take care – Ourselves. Living in a fast-paced society where you are […]

3 Things to Avoid before a Facial

  While we know what to prepare for our first facial like knowing our skincare products and share our skincare concerns with the Skincare Consultant, it is also good for us to know what should we avoid before going for a facial. Here are 3 things to avoid if you are going for a facial […]

The Best Sensitive Skin Treatment – SensiVital

Recently, the haze situation in Singapore has affected many in terms of health. Irritation to the eye and throat is usually the first few health issues that will appear and some may suffer more serious conditions like breathlessness or asthma attacks. Besides having to take care of our health within, we also will need to […]

Are you having Rosacea?

Looking naturally healthy is always at the heart of any woman’s desire. Not only you look in the pink of health, think of the amount of money you have saved on cosmetics! But when you start to discover constant redness and flushing on your cheeks till blood vessels appear or redness with bumps and pimples […]

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Sensitive Skin

Today we would like to address 3 frequently asked questions revolving around sensitive skin and taking good care of our skin. Through our experiences in dealing with our customer’s skin conditions especially skin sensitivity, we faced similar questions posed by them from time to time and sharing these information with all of you may be able to […]