Clients' Testimonials

  • Before my first experience with Caring Skin, my face was having break outs and was in need of treatment! I had to say I was really impressed by their professionalism on skincare. The skin analysis was different from what I had gone through in the past and Caring Skin makes an effort to make me understand my skin condition and what it needs before proceeding with my treatment. I also love how they allocate individual Dr Renaud treatment set to each customer which is unlike most of the Beauty Salon. Caring Skin provides warm & friendly service that makes the whole pampering session perfect. No hard selling from them and I felt really comfortable throughout my few hours there.
    - Jeslyn Tan, Caring Skin Customer
  • I went to Caring Skin for my 2nd facial recently and I was really impressed by the results of their signature Dr Renaud facial treatments. Caring Skin caters to each individual unique skin conditions and provide a customised solution for every individual skin needs. What I like about Dr Renaud range is that it uses naturally-derived ingredients from finest natural plant and marine extracts which shows really effective results after use. I really like their face and shoulder massage, and the extraction was so bearable that you could just lie back and not squint a bit. The room was dimly lit, accompanied with soothing music of nature which is perfect for you to relax and even fall asleep at the same time. The whole treatment was really relaxing and my skin really did feel rejuvenated after the whole session. Really enjoyed my first two sessions with Caring Skin and I will certainly go back again!
    - Joanna Kayla Goh, Caring Skin Customer
  • Started my first treatment with my Esthetician, Kiki since March this year and I can say that my skin has big improvement since then, lesser blackheads and lesser pimples as well and now I can have brighter and fairer skin.
    - Shu Wei, Caring Skin Customer
  • The staff’s services were excellent and were attentive in serving my needs. Furthermore, I was amazed by the professional device that was used to analyze my skin texture and the proficient beautician gave good care advice that suits my skin.
    - Terrence Hong, Caring Skin Customer
  • I was impressed with the service provided, and the friendly staff just makes me feel at ease. The best thing I like about Caring Skin is there is NO hard selling from the consultant!
    - Ms Jiehui, Caring Skin Customer
  • After the facial treatments over here at caring skin , my skin is definitely cleaner and brighter now. If you are looking for quality facial treatments, do give caring skin a try!
    - Ms Adeline Tan, Caring Skin Customer